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Image Credit: Nat Raha in Cork by Mendoza

Nat Raha is a poet and trans / queer activist, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her poetry includes two collections countersonnets (Contraband Books, 2013) and Octet  (Veer Books, 2010); and numerous pamphlets including ‘de/compositions’  (Enjoy Your Homes Press, 2017), ‘£/€xtinctions’ (sociopathetic distro,  2017), ‘[of sirens / body & faultlines]’ (Veer Books, 2015) and ‘mute exterior intimate’ (Oystercatcher Press, 2013). She’s performed  and published her work internationally. She is currently finishing PhD in on queer Marxism and contemporary poetry at the University of Sussex. Nat’s essay titled ‘Transfeminine Brokenness, Radical Transfeminism’ has recently been published in the South Atlantic Quarterly.  http://sociopatheticsemaphores.blogspot.com

What do you suggest people might read or hear in advance of hearing you? 

‘stryd manig nines’: https://peepsfest.wordpress.com/

Where can we find one critical (or other) response to your work that you have found provocative, interesting, insightful or generative?

An oldie, but Edmund’s reading of my work in 2010 has been the most insightful piece on my work to date: http://intercapillaryspace.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/effervescent-arboretum-nat-raha.html


Point us towards some examples of work in other media (art/cinema/music etc) that inflect upon your work, in any way at all:

from Vera Chytilová’s Daisies: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGdu_sab9pg

Philip Guston’s ‘Gladiators:

What readings or performances most shook you up, and why?

I had the utter joy to read with NourbeSe Philip in Brighton in 2015, where she performed part of her book Zong! The invocation of the voices of the dead, of the both norms and extremes of colonial dispossession and chattel slavery, through a performance where poetics became something so much in excess of living, of the present (compared to our new york school influences). NourbeSe’s ongoing reinhabitations of the text in performance, of turning it over and over into something sonically alive in space, repeating poems, lines, phrases, names, titles of the poems, really showed me something about what can become possible in the moment of performance.

What writing (or whose writing)  is exciting you now?

I just finished editing a zine on radical transfeminism, which is full of writing that is opening up worlds of possibility through writing negatively on the present. It features writing by KUCHENGA, Mijke van der Drift, AB Silvera and others.

What/who do you wish people read more of?

More of Cedrik Robinson, more poetry from the future.

What do you wish you read more of yourself?

I’ve not been reading much but I’m thinking a lot of Renee Gladman, Vahni Capildeo, Nisha Ramayya, Fred Moten, Amber Hollibaugh and some other queer & trans texts from the 90s.

What is your writing for?  And what is it against?

To break down the borders of this island, the walls of liberal thought, its demarcation of boundaries of form and gender and sexuality, its boundaries between its demarcations of race, to enact this through a diasporic transfeminism.

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What do you fear most from the future? – Having to face the abolition of the future, the collapse of the ecosystems of the planet, the intensification of violence in that moment.

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Linus Slug: Insect Librarian is a poet and researcher investigating disembodiment, liminal space and marginal entities through poetic practice. Their work evolves through a series of creative processes: performance, making and unmaking, appropriation and assimilation, exploring the interaction between sound, image and text as a means of de-constructing / (re)constructing the ‘self’.

Recent publications include: “Entro” & “Un-love Son-nots” Gutteral, 2017; “the science of poetry : the poetry of science” Linus Slug / Peter Manson broadside,  2015 and “Type Specimen: An Observant Guide To Linus Slug”, Contraband, 2014.

Linus Slug is the founder of ninerrors poetry series, editor of FREAKLUNG poetry zine and co-editor/event organizer at Stinky Bear Press. They are currently working on an ongoing collaborative project with Peter Manson in commemoration of Bill Griffiths (August 20, 1948 – September 13, 2007).

Ask yourself a question you’d like to answer. It could be one of these from the questionnaire in the last issue of the Little Review (below)or anything else at all you think might be good.

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