14- Verity Spott & Lila Matsumoto

Entropics returns to the John Hansard Gallery on May 9th, with performances from Verity Spott and Lila Matsumoto. 

Entropics is an Experimental Writing Series, dedicated to introducing audiences to innovative and radical literature. All events are free and open to the public. You can read about past events on the Entropics blog. Entropics is hosted by theDepartment of English and Centre for Modern and Contemporary Writing at theUniversity of Southampton. Everyone is welcome!

IMG_2951Lila Matsumoto is a poet and lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham. Her publications include Urn & Drum (Shearsman), Soft Troika (If a Leaf Falls Press) and Allegories from my kitchen (Sad Press). Recent work has been anthologised in Wretched Strangers: Borders Movements Homes and The World Speaking Back: To Denise Riley (both Boiler House Press). She co-runs the magazine and performance night FRONT HORSE and plays in the band Food People.

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Verity Spott is a poet and performer based in Brighton. Its books include Click Away Close Door SayPrayers Manifestos BraveryThe Mutiny Aboard the RV FelicityGideonBalconette and the hopefully forthcoming Hopelessness. Verity is poet in residence at the University of Surrey and a member of Wolf Kid Theatre.


An Interview with Lila Matsumoto:

What do you suggest people might read or hear in advance of hearing you?

‘By Likeness’ in MAP magazine

Where can we find one critical (or other) response to your work that you have found provocative, interesting, insightful or generative?

Alexa Winik reviewing my book Urn & Drum alongside books by Sophie Collins and A.K. Blakemore https://poetrysociety.org.uk/book-review-reclaimed-experience/

 Point us towards some examples of work in other media (art/cinema/music etc) that inflect upon your work, in any way at all:

I play in a band called Food People. Making music with Food People has shaped my approach to performance: what may happen when you combine texts with sounds https://foodpeople.bandcamp.com/

I enjoy collaborating with visual artists. This is a piece I made with the video maker Adam Butcher


What readings or performances most shook you up, and why?

Denise Riley reading at SoundEye Festival, July 2015. It’s hard to articulate – Denise’s reading fixed me to my spot in that sunny little white room in Cork. Her reading was slow and alert, inviting my mind to be attentive to the detailed and rich language of her poems.

What writing (or whose writing) is exciting you now?

Vicky Sparrow, Callie Gardner, Nuar Alsadir, Ghislaine Leung

What/who do you wish people read more of?

I feel sad when I see everyone on the streets, trains, and rooms staring into their phones. Maybe we can read things on a variety of other surfaces.

What do you wish you read more of yourself?

I’d like to read more works not originally written in English. Recently I have been reading work (in translation) by Chimako Tada and Yūko Tsushima and look forward to reading more Japanese writers.

What is your writing for?  And what is it against?

It’s for pleasure, I hope, and for thought-provocation.

Ask yourself a question you’d like to answer. It could be one of these from the questionnaire in the last issue of the Little Review (below) or anything else at all you think might be good.

I have a friend who asks me what I had last eaten as a form of greeting. It does seem to be a better indication of how we’re doing than answering ‘How are you’. I just ate a piece of someone’s birthday cake that had generous coffee icing and two cups of green tea. I think I’ll ride that into the afternoon.